I first got involved with real estate around 2008 when I was exploring the world of investing. I was intrigued by the idea of financial independence. I was on a fishing trip and a friend made a comment suggesting that the best investment was real estate. My curiosity was peaked so I set out to determine the truth. What I found was that real estate opens up a lot of opportunities that traditional investments may not offer. It led me down the road of purchasing an income-producing primary residence and investment properties after that.

In 2008 I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Social Sciences. During my studies, I learned about marketing, business, and human nature. I worked interesting jobs that took me from fine dining at the Chateau Laurier to the foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountains. After graduating I worked for the City of Mississauga, and then for the Waterloo Regional Police Service as a patrol Constable where I was honored with roles such as coaching recruits and mentoring in the Major Fraud branch. I'm very proud of my amateur career in boxing which concluded many moons ago with a provincial championship (in the junior novice division), I am a die-hard fisherman and I have an insatiable travel bug.

I became a real estate agent to bring value to my friends and family, to help people make the big leap to purchase their first home and to help strategize for any of the unique circumstances life may throw at us. I am building a business with world-class customer service founded on the utmost integrity, analytical decision making, and professional negotiation skills.